This school-leaving examination is usually taken every May in Poland. It consists of several parts, including a foreign language. The most popular foreign language among students aged 18-20 is English. The new rules introduced in 2023 intend to require its level B1+ for 'Basic English’ Matura Exam and B2+ or even C1 for 'Advanced English Matura Exam

Here, I’m publishing my video materials (also available on YouTube) to help my students prepare for this exam.

One of the writing tasks in the advanced level is writing an article, which requires specific rules, structure, and evaluative criteria. Here’s a video that may help you understand these rules, structure, and evaluative criteria, which still apply after the 2023 exam update.

Another writing task is an informal letter/e-mail that is part of the basic level exam. Here is a video that may be helpful. According to the '2023 exam’ standards, this writing task is supposed to be longer (100-150 words instead of 80-130) and the scoring has changed; you can now receive 12 points instead of 10, with one more point for content and one more for vocabulary. Even with the new standards, writing still accounts for 20% of the whole exam.

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